Open Position

Outreach Coordinator – Open Position – apply at
• Plan and Coordinate Monthly Parent Education Opportunities
• Keep Early Intervention Professionals in the community connected to Desert Voices
• Conduct tours of Desert Voices with families, professionals and donors.




Desert Voices
3426 E. Shea Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85028

Phone: (602) 224-0598
Fax: (602) 224-2460



DeeAnn Chapman
Executive Director
2009 – Present
B.A., Western Oregon University
M.B.A., Arizona State University
20 Years Experience


Maria M. Bartoli, M.A., CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
2010 – Present
B.A., Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina
M.S., University of Houston
6 Years Experience


Eleanor Beerbower
Teacher of the Deaf
2012 – Present
Auditory Oral Birth-Kindergarten, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
4.5 Years Experience


Katie Erickson
Social Media Coordinator
2010 – Present
Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence
Science & Language Arts, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
6 Years Experience


Stephanie Farber
Teacher of the Deaf
2016 – Present
M.S. DE Master in Deaf Education, Washington University
1 Year Experience


Stephanie Fineman, M.S., CCC-SLP, PROMPT trained
Speech Language Pathologist
2012 – Present
B.A. Psychology with Neuroscience Concentration Magna Cum Laude,
Haverford College
M.S. Speech and Language Pathology, Columbia University
6 Years Experience


Sarah Kong, B.S.
Teacher of the Deaf
2013– Present
B.S. Special Education-Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Illinois State University
3 Years Experience

Kirsten Krueger
Program Director
1997 – Present
B.A. CED-Council for the Education of the Deaf, General Education
K-6 with Hearing Impaired Endorsement K-12
Eastern University Michigan University
19 Years Experience


Tracie LeBlanc, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVEd
Speech Language Pathologist
2003 – Present
B.S. Speech and Hearing Science, University of Arizona
M.S. Communications Disorders, Arizona State University
15 Years Experience


Kristen Levi
Office Manager Mesa Community College
2009 – Present
7 years experience


Tara Letsch
Discovery Room Teacher
2003 – Present
B.A. Education, Drury College
M.A. Education, Curriculum & Instruction, Boise State University
20 Years Experience


Ginger Noschka
Teacher of the Deaf
2009 – Present
B.S. Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Licensure, University of North Carolina Greensboro
9 Years of Experience


Jen Saa
Teacher of the Deaf
2006 – Present
M.T. Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Elementary Education The College of New Jersey
10 Years of Experience