Family Support

Family SupportThe faculty and staff of Desert Voices feel strongly that family support is essential to a child’s progress. The parents’ involvement and participation is crucial to the child’s success and the school’s success. Family support is accomplished in the following ways.



Students must arrive wearing their hearing aids or cochlear implants. Parents are responsible to keep the amplification system in optimal working condition at all times, which includes providing spare batteries and cords for their system.


Frequent audiological evaluations are important so students can maintain the maximum benefit from their amplification.Teachers will report any concerns to parents immediately.


Observations and Conferences
An observation and conference are required for parents with children in the Education Program once each semester. Days have been set aside for each semester for Parent Teacher Conferences and Observations should be set up prior to each semester’s scheduled conference days. Conferences and observations are designed to report progress and to contribute to a better understanding of the student by all concerned. Families in the Early Intervention Program will be expected to participate in therapy sessions throughout the year.


Annual IEP’s
Desert Voices will ensure that annual IEP meetings are held for each student. Annual IEP meetings are held with the local school districts for students who are referred by their district to Desert Voices. Transition meetings are held with the district when students leave Desert Voices, or when a student transitions from the Early Intervention program into Desert Voices’ Pre-School program.


QuoteParent Education
Parent Education Classes are available for individuals or small groups of parents. Topics will be focused on specific parent interest and needs. Class frequency and times will be scheduled to meet the needs of the families.


The Desert Voices Parent, Teacher Organization (PTO) is set up by parents, for parents. PTO officers are elected each school year. The PTO hosts holiday programs, an alumni picnic and provides various support meetings throughout the year. For more information about how to become involved with the PTO, please contact Executive Director, DeeAnn Chapman at (602) 224-0598


Community Outreach and Fundraising Efforts
Desert Voices is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization that receives more than 80% of its yearly budget from private funding sources (individuals, foundations and corporations). The sharing of time and resources is needed to maintain and grow our school. Parent participation is strongly encouraged in the areas of public relations and community education activities, volunteering for special projects and participation in fundraising initiatives. To find out more about community outreach and fundraising opportunities, please contact Executive Director, DeeAnn Chapman at 602-224-0598