Pre-School & Early Elementary Program

Pre-School & Early ElementaryDesert Voices offers a full day program, which runs five days per week for children ages 3 years and up. The Pre-School program is a natural transition for many families who attend Early Intervention, but we have also accepted children who have not attended the Early Intervention Program at Desert Voices. Once a child reaches kindergarten age, they will move up into the Early Elementary Program. Each child’s transition from one program to the next is carefully monitored and their progress is evaluated on a regular basis by the teaching staff and the program director. We work hand in hand with families and school districts to ensure smooth transitions at the times that are appropriate for each child.


Because we focus on spoken language, we place children in class sizes of 2 or 3 in order to give them ample opportunity to practice speaking and to practice listening. We group students together based on their chronological age and on their language levels. We want to ensure that each group is an appropriate match to maximize the benefits a child receives. In these small classes, Teachers of the Deaf are working on syntax, speech and auditory training and conversational language. Every half hour, the children rotate between this classroom and a larger group setting, where they are learning those important social, emotional and academic skills that they will need in a mainstream setting. They also need the opportunity to learn in a less individualized environment, as once they transition into another program, the chances are that their class size will be significantly larger than those at Desert Voices.


Our trained staff evaluates students on an ongoing basis, ensuring that they are making the progress they need to make and that they are most appropriately placed within the program. While our programs are individualized for each child, they are also extremely structured and results driven. There are proven benchmarks that guide us in determining the progress being made. By working with the families, we are able to help them make the best possible decisions for their child.


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