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Kirsten Krueger

Kirsten Krueger

Kirsten Krueger, LSLS Cert AVEd Candidate
Instructional Coordinator & Special Projects
Teacher of the Deaf
B.A. Council for the Education of the Deaf
Eastern Michigan University

As the Instructional Coordinator & Special Projects Manager, Kirsten’s primary responsibilities include overseeing daily instruction, supporting classroom teachers and working with parents and local school districts through the IEP process.

Kirsten received a dual degree in both regular and deaf education from Eastern Michigan University. She joined the Desert Voices team in August of 1997 when the school first opened its doors.  She spent fifteen years as a teacher of the deaf in the preschool program working with deaf and hard of hearing children ages 3-7.

She became program director in the fall of 2013 and is currently pursuing her LSLS AVEd certification through the Alexander Graham Bell Association.  She and her longtime boyfriend live in the East Valley.