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Kristen Levi

Kristen Levi

Development and Operations Manager
Mesa Community College

When you call or walk through the front doors of Desert Voices, you will most likely be greeted by Kristen. She has been a loyal team member since 2009 as our Development and Operations Manager. Kristen tackles the day to day challenges of running Desert Voices.  Whether taking a call from a parent who just found out their child is deaf, to supporting the entire staff, Kristen is also making sure our listening and spoken language professionals have what they need to teach every day, along with organizing all Desert Voices fundraisers.

When Kristen is not wearing one of her many Desert Voices hats, she enjoys her time away from the office with her family. As a native Arizonan, mother of two daughters and a husband who runs their family business they stay busy with gymnastics, horseback riding, Disneyland adventures or simply hanging out at home with their two pups.